Harbour expansion tender cancelled

The municipally owned Port of Luleå cancels the procurement of financing and expansion of the new port. The reason is that no tender was received that met the tender requirements.

It is a tight schedule to get the new, larger harbour ready in time for the new industrial establishments in the Luleå region. Preparatory construction work is already underway in the harbour. Luleå municipality wanted external funding for the harbour expansion. But now they are cancelling the tender. No valid tender has been received that fulfils the procurement requirements.

"It is of course a sad, but necessary, decision to take. We are confident that we can develop other options for expanding the port. It is a highly prioritised issue where we are now working to develop alternatives as quickly as possible," says Daniel Smirat, Chairman of the Port of Luleå, in a press release.

The expansion of the Port of Luleå is important for many of the industrial companies in the green transition in Luleå: LKAB, SSAB, H2 Green Steel, Talga.

"The expansion of the Port of Luleå is an urgent issue for industry and the whole of northern Sweden. At the same time, it is part of a larger puzzle of projects to meet the needs of industry. Our mission is to ensure that there is a port that meets the needs of industry. That mission remains, even if we are now working on new solutions," says Anders Dahl, CEO of the Port of Luleå.

A possible delay in the expansion of the port of Luleå does not affect the major project Malmporten, where the fairway into Luleå will be deepened to accommodate larger ships.

Lennart Håkansson