Energy companies strengthen cross-border co-operation

Skellefteå Co-operation in the energy sector will be strengthened in the Kvarken region.

Energy companies in Sweden and Finland have formed a working committee in the Botnia Green Energy project to create a platform for dialogue between politics, academia and business.

"There are several reasons for strengthening co-operation in the energy sector in the Kvarken region. We want to ensure a sustainable and stable energy supply and open up co-operation between politics, academia and energy companies," says Ann-Christine Schmidt, Head of Research, Development and Innovation at the municipally owned Skellefteå Kraft.

The Kvarken Council's vision is for the Kvarken region to make the most meaningful global impact through Nordic cooperation, and one of the five key issues identified by the member organisations is to promote the green transition in the region.

The participating energy companies are Skellefteå Kraft, Umeå Energi, Vasa Elektriska and Karleby Energi.

Lennart Håkansson