Record bankruptcies - but not in the north

Luleå The year has begun with a record number of bankruptcies in Sweden. But in Norrbotten, the increase in bankruptcies is moderate.

In Norrbotten, 13 limited companies went bankrupt in January. This is two more than the same month last year. But the increase seems larger in percentage: 18 percent increase.

But several counties have increases in bankruptcies of over 100 percent, i.e. doubling or more. This applies to Gävleborg, Jämtland, Kalmar, Stockholm, Södermanland, Uppsala and Västmanland. The average for the whole country was an increase in bankruptcies of 61 percent, from 651 bankruptcies in January 2023 to 1,047 bankruptcies in January this year.

This is the highest monthly figure since the 1990s.

"The development is unfortunately in line with our forecast, and these are incredibly gloomy figures. The year begins with a new bankruptcy record and the highest figure ever in our surveys. In addition, we know that many companies are on their knees and we receive daily reports of redundancy notices, so it is undoubtedly very tough for many," says Henrik Jacobsson, CEO of Creditsafe, a credit information company that presents statistics from the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Lennart Håkansson