Install sets up in Norway

Piteå The Piteå company Install is investing in the Norwegian market and establishing itself in Hamar.

Install wants to grow outside Sweden while creating synergies and development.

"We are very pleased to introduce our services to the Norwegian market and see this as an exciting opportunity. The establishment follows our continued development and allows us to deliver our solutions across national borders," says Jan Fransson, CEO and founder of Install.

Rune Bjaanes Dahl and Amund Mathisen Holberg will be key people who will lead the establishment, with their experience of the Norwegian market. Their task will be to run Install's operations in Norway based on local conditions.

In May, the company's new office will open in Hamar, north of Oslo.

Install, founded in Piteå in Norrbotten, currently has around 240 employees in eight offices. The company works with land and construction, energy, electric power and fibre.

Lennart Håkansson