Spis invests in both Kiruna and Luleå

Kiruna Some time ago, Spis, a company with a hotel and a popular restaurant, was about to leave Kiruna for Luleå. They could not find suitable premises in Kuruna's new city center. But things worked out and the company is now investing in both Kiruna and Luleå.

In connection with the relocation of Kiruna center, it did not look like there was a suitable location for the restaurant in the new center. In that situation, the company instead bought two hotels in Luleå, Amber and Naran.

When the premises issue for the restaurant in Kiruna was resolved, the company eventually invested in both Kiruna and Luleå. At the beginning of the summer, the new restaurant was opened next to the new center in Kiruna, Spill saluhall & eatery.

The company structure was changed with a parent company, Spis Holding AB, and subsidiaries: Spis i Kiruna AB and Naran Hotell AB, the latter for the hotel business in Luleå. At the same time, a third owner stepped in, Daniel Stålnacke, brother of Johan Stålnacke, who until now owned the companies together with Johan Lans.

" We have talked about it for a long time. The time came when the company was reorganized. Johan and Johan have moved to Piteå and Luleå and operate two hotels in Luleå. I get more responsibility here in Kiruna," says Daniel Stålnacke.

In Kiruna the company runs the new restaurant, the shop and bakery Spill saluhall & eatery, the café Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården and Spis hotel & hostel. The investment in a new restaurant last summer next to the new center got off to a good start.

"It works very well. We have a lot of people both at lunch and in the evenings. And weekends with live music almost every weekend," says Daniel Stålnacke.

The previous restaurant was so popular that a petition was started on Facebook demanding that Spis be offered a location to continue in the new Kiruna. Daniel Stålnacke believes in the concept also in the new restaurant.

"Our concept is something people have missed. We see it as "fast casual".  Fast food but well prepared from scratch: good ingredients, well cooked, simple, fast," says Daniel Stålnacke.

Two years ago, the hotels Amber and Naran in Luleå were bought. They are located in the same neighborhood and are run as one hotel with a shared reception in Amber. The hotels are being renovated to broaden the offer in the long term. They have slightly different profiles. Naran will be adapted for long-term accommodation with guests staying 4-5 days or more. There will be a guest kitchen and laundry room.

"There is a demand for weekly accommodation," says Johan Stålnacke, CEO of Spis Holding and Naran Hotell. However, there are no plans for a restaurant business in Luleå.

"In Luleå, the restaurant scene seems to be quite saturated," says Johan Stålnacke.

Lennart Håkansson