Nyföretagarcentrum reinforces with an international business advisor.

Luleå Nyföretagarcentrum Nord, which supports new and prospective companies in Norrbotten with advice, is now investing in international business advice and employing Ann Murugan.

Ann Murugan has run companies with a focus on sustainability, both in Sweden and abroad.

"In the expansion phase that we and the entire county are in right now, Ann's skills and international experience are incredibly valuable", says Anna Engström, operations manager at Nyföretagarcentrum Nord.

Ann Murugan will, in addition to ongoing individual advice to start-ups in Luleå, also focus on new entrepreneurs with an international background in the county and strengthen new entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability, writes Nyföretagarcentrum Nord in a press release.

"I know how important the early support is for a new entrepreneur. Now I look forward to supporting new entrepreneurs to create sustainable companies from the start and make their dreams come true," says Ann Murugan.

Nyföretagarcentrum Nord offers advice to new and prospective entrepreneurs in Norrbotten. It operates in Arvidsjaur, Boden, Haparanda, Luleå, Pajala, Piteå, Överkalix and Övertorneå.

Lennart Håkansson