Regenerative tourism to be developed in Sweden and Finland

Kristineberg An EU project will develop regenerative tourism in Sweden and Finland.

The Interreg Aurora project REGGAE, Regeneratvie Nature Tourism, will spend three years researching and developing regenerative, accessible and transformative tourism in Västerbotten in Sweden and Österbotten in Finland.

Regenerative tourism is about creating an even more sustainable form of tourism.

"During a regenerative trip, the visitor does something active to make the place better. This can mean planting trees, having social contact with older local people or contributing to the protection of endangered species," says Floriane Colonnier, project manager of the Gold of Lapland tourism organization.

The project owner is the Finnish Natural Resources Institute Luke. Other partners are Kristinestad Business Center, University of Eastern Finland, Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and in Sweden SLU, Mid Sweden University/ETOUR and Gold of Lapland.

The project has been selected by Interreg as an Operation of Strategic Importance. This means that the project "makes a significant contribution to achieving the objectives of the Interreg Aurora program".

Lennart Håkansson