Saab and Hitachi enter into Collab Composite

Piteå Saab and Hitachi Energy join Collab Composite to attract composite companies and startups from across Europe to Piteå in Norrbotten for development work in fiber composites.

The goal is to start four development projects at Piteå Science Park in 2024 together with the companies and other partners.

Collab Composite is a collaboration between the incubator Arctic Business and Piteå Science Park that was launched in April 2023. The aim is to connect international industry with startups in fiber composites. Collab is created as a joint effort by Piteå municipality, Sparbanken Nord and Region Norrbotten.

- We are proud to present our first industrial partners to Collab Composite. Both Hitachi Energy and Saab are currently developing leading products using composites and see the potential in gaining access to expertise and innovation power through Collab Composite. The collaboration with both companies is a milestone in the work to attract expertise, companies and investments to Piteå, says Jens Lundström, CEO of Arctic Business.

Hitachi Energy has been established in Piteå since 2018 and uses composite materials to develop products such as power transformers and DC equipment. Saab is interested in developing composites that are used in the production of aircraft such as the Gripen.

Arctic Business helps entrepreneurs develop ideas into growing businesses nationally and internationally. They have operations in Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå. The business is owned by LTU Holding, Norrlandsfonden, Region Norrbotten, and the municipalities of Luleå, Skellefteå and Piteå.

Lennart Håkansson