Kaunis Iron exchanges Snells for Tapojärvi

Pajala Kaunis Iron has terminated the agreement with Snells Entreprenad and after a tender process signed a new agreement with Finnish Tapojärvi for mining services.

The contract for mining service with loading of ore and waste rock in Kaunisvaara is the largest contract that Snells Entreprenad has and as a consequence of the company losing the contract, they are giving notice of termination to almost 100 people. This is almost half of the company's employees.

The Swedish subsidiary Tapojärvi Sverige AB writes in a press release that they will employ as many people as possible from Pajala to carry out the new contract.

"We are happy to start a new cooperation with Kaunis Iron. Personally, Pajala is close to my heart and we will support and be part of the community in the same way as we are in other locations," says Mari Pilventö, Managing Director of Tapojärvi Sverige AB.

The new agreement will take effect at the turn of the year.

The Tapojärvi Group was founded in Finland in 1955 and specializes in mining and factory services. It operates in 11 locations in three countries and has a total of 800 employees. Tapojärvi Sverige AB was founded in Haparanda in 2015. In Sweden, in addition to Pajala, it also has operations in Koskullskulle in Gällivare.

Lennart Håkansson