Collaboration is key to the future of logistics

Luleå During the conference Logistikdag Norr in Luleå, both the external situation and development opportunities for northern Scandinavia were highlighted. The need for investments and the necessity to cooperate between business and politics, and between countries to succeed were recurring themes during the day.

Colonel Lars Karlsson, Head of the Northern Military Region in Sweden, described the new security situation in Northern Europe, where developments in and threats from Russia have changed the situation. Russia is upgrading airports and ports along its northern coast.

"Developments along Russia's Arctic coast are enormous. This applies to the control of raw materials and transportation," said Lars Karlsson.

Sweden's upcoming membership in NATO requires investments in logistics in northern Scandinavia, but also opens up opportunities for financing.

The needs of the military, the needs of industry, the green transition's need for large amounts of electricity, everyone's need for more people to move here. All this requires cooperation and collaboration between different actors in business, authorities and politics. And between the countries of the North Calotte. This was returned to during the various points of the conference, which included sustainable value chain, faster expansion of infrastructure such as electricity networks, capacity reinforcement of the railway, the need for housing, the expansion of the port of Luleå, icebreaking and offshore wind power, Finland's infrastructure and the development of electric aviation in northern Europe.

Logistikdag Norr is organized by the Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce, the Botnia Corridor and the industry organisation Byggföretagen in collaboration with a number of companies operating in the region. The initiator is the Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce's Logistics Council. The event was held in Kulturens hus in Luleå.

Lennart Håkansson