They want to develop the tattoo industry

Three entrepreneurs in Luleå, Mikael Lindgren, Ronnie Bergstrand and Oskar Backman, want to modernize the tattoo industry in Sweden with their new company InkDustry.

Already this year, they plan to roll out the initiative from Luleå in the north to several Swedish cities. It has already secured premises in two cities and is negotiating for locations in four more. The first new establishment will be announced in May.

"Tattooing is an art, a craft and a way to decorate yourself and strengthen your identity. With InkDustry, we want to refine the uniqueness while contributing to creating more professionalism in the industry, better conditions for employees and greater security for customers," says Mikael Lindgren, one of the founders.

The initiative means that InkDustry will employ and sign agreements with a number of tattoo artists in the industry. They will also introduce new procedures to make it easier and clearer to book and pay. It will be a completely cashless business.

"We simply want to create new conditions for the entire industry. It feels incredibly exciting to start this journey," says Ronnie Bergstrand, one of the founders.

Lennart Håkansson