Rejlers expands cooperation with LKAB

Malmberget Technology consultant Rejlers has been commissioned by state-owned mining company LKAB to develop the logistics system for the new and deeper main level planned at LKAB's mine in Malmberget.

The aim is to create new technical solutions for sustainable mining at great depths in one of the world's largest underground mines. Current mining takes place at the 1250 meter level. Planning is underway to mine ore beyond 2060, which requires major investments in infrastructure, mining methods and new ways of working.

Rejlers has been re-commissioned to continue work on the logistics system process, which includes the transportation of iron ore at the new and deeper main level. The assignment began in 2021 and is expected to be completed in February 2024.

"Deeper mines are very complex, with both higher rock stresses and greater safety requirements. We work to find the absolute best technical solutions for the purpose and develop a fully autonomous and robust logistics system with a focus on low operating costs and high safety. This will be something completely new and sets the standard for future mining of ore at these levels," says Mats Daglind, project manager for the logistics project at Rejlers' Industry division.

The development of the new main level is linked to the technology shift required to create fossil-free steel. Malmberget and Gällivare are the first out and the solution created for Malmberget may also be implemented at LKAB's other underground mines.

Lennart Håkansson