Greenably shows opportunities to reduce emissions

Luleå The Greenably project, run by Energikontor Norr, shows great potential for companies to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

The project has worked with ten companies to find solutions for how they can reduce their emissions and thus their climate impact. The potential for energy efficiency has also been calculated.

The result is that the companies together could reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the emissions of a diesel car that has driven 80 laps around the world. They could also reduce energy use equivalent to the energy consumption of 100 villas in a year, or a total of around 2,000 megawatt hours.

"Greenably has really been a project where we have been able to contribute both business and climate benefits. Companies looking to solve their sustainability challenges have been matched with unexpected and new potential suppliers, while companies with smart solutions have found pathways to new customers. Getting help with tech scouting and monitoring the world has proved very valuable for the companies in the region," says Inger Edlund Pedersen, Project Manager at Energikontor Norr.

The project has worked with large global companies such as EON and manufacturing companies in the region.

Matchmaking has been used to connect companies. Companies that need to change their operations to become more sustainable have been matched with suppliers who can provide solutions. Sometimes the companies with potential solutions have been in other sectors, other regions or other countries. The project has also aimed to broker new contacts, business opportunities and partnerships between actors who had not met before.

"A timely project where we, together with our partner WIN in Lund, have been able to make a difference in the transition. We are now working to find ways to take advantage of what has been built up within the framework of this project and create the conditions for a continuation," says Katarina Delsing, CEO of Energikontor Norr. 

The hope is that the project, which has been running for more than two years, will be continued, and that Luleå University of Technology will become a partner.  Energikontor Norr is the project owner of Greenably, which is an EU-funded initiative within the Sustainable Business Bridge project.

Energikontor Norr is a company owned by Region Norrbotten and the 14 municipalities in the county. The company's mission is to be an independent competence resource with the task of contributing to the increase of renewable energy, energy and natural resource management, and contributing to sustainable development. It is part of a network of 15 Swedish and some 400 local and regional energy offices in the EU.

Lennart Håkansson