Billerud Korsnäs production unit in Karlsborg in Norrbotten

Kalix Billerud Korsnäs provides fibre based packaging materials. For example sack paper, containerboard and kraft paper. The company has customers in over 100 counties.

Karlsborg´s production unit, just outside Kalix in Norrbotten county is a manufacturer of sack paper, formable paper and kraft paper. In Karlsborg, bleached pulp is also produced för delivery in bundled form.

The sack paper is used for industrial packaging such as cement bags or consumer products as animal food. The kraft paper is used as packaging paper for the companys own products and dry foods such as flour and sugar.

In Karlsborg there is two application laboratories that offer value-creating services, analysis and development of sack constructions with a focus on powdery products like building materials, chemicals, minerals, flour and sugar.